Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Mar 2011 - Dinner at Kiseki

She was craving for buffet even when she was ill. This time, the requested victim was sashimi. Headed to Kiseki at Heeren, as other Japanese buffet options would definitely require prior reservations. The pictures in this post are all from her, as he was busy eating with his bare hands.

Checked in and went for the cold section first. Got some snow crab claws and legs. Some were sweet and really good, while a few were just bland.

Assorted sashimi, this was the second round selection by her. The first round was only a third the length of this. He commented on how after having tasted salmon sashimi made him dislike having cooked salmon ever since.

The whole array, picture uploaded at her request.

Shellfish selection... the scallops still had sand in them *cough*

They loved the soup from the beef hotpot, delicious and addictive but probably MSG-laden. Enjoyed the tender shiitake mushroom but disliked the fact that the beef slices were all stuck together, not sure if the chef was supposed to stir in the first place?

Did he say the soup was addictive? For the next round of soup, he got the seafood option. The tofu tasted weirdly doughy, never had anything like that in his life.

He also tried the technique of prawn peeling as seen on TV recently. Pierce the prawn from the back through to the front, and then pull the shell off. She wasn't impressed.

Got yakitori and some sushi, the bbq meat was salty stuff.

Salad for the sick girl, mixed of pasta and greens. Glad that she ate the tomato chunk when she hated it a lot. However, all the oil and dressing probably undid all the goodness.

More oily stuff, prawns were sweet and crunchy.

She never onced wanted omelette, but this time round she requested for it.

Witnessed this phenomenon. Waving bonito flakes on warm omelette. They were squirming and waving as though they were alive! Try it on your own next time.

Chawanmushi was brought onto the table along with the omelette, since their steam baskets were side by side.

Miscellaneous finger food that she picked up. He was already very full when she went to take this plate of food, but she still forced him to help finish it.

Her dessert catch, very kind of her already. Liked the lychee one, light and refreshing.

And they're done for the evening.

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