Sunday, April 24, 2011

24 April 2011 - Shrooms Lunch on Sunday

Bought 4 varieties of mushrooms together with littlest brother's request for some multi-purpose flour and unsalted butter to make his pancakes.

Got up around noon, the usual lazy weekend practice. Washed up and started preparing the meal. Each pack of mushrooms cost below $2, he apologises for forgetting the exact prices. Also observed that the mushrooms got gooey/slippery after the rinse.

After chopping off an inch from the bottom, King Oyster Mushrooms was cut across the stem to produce round slices. The flesh of this large mushroom was firm and balanced out the slightly gooey texture of this dish.

Enoki mushrooms, a soup favourite for them. Likewise, chopped an inch off the bottom before cutting out more manageable partitions from the top.

Bunashimeji mushrooms were more troublesome, as the stems were shorter and resulted in loose mushrooms. Processing them almost individually was painful.

Shiitake mushrooms had mixed reception. He appreciated the taste and its tender flesh, but she did not like the smell of it. Placed this on its cap and and sliced downwards.

Heated some olive oil in the pan, browned some garlic and salt before cooking the mushrooms. Hungriness is never patient, so the slow flame eventually became a medium one and the shrooms got cooked in no time. The eventual product tasted a little bland, he'll probably try adding some soy sauce next time. Black pepper was sprinkled before serving.

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