Sunday, April 3, 2011

03 April 2011 - Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Alighted at Orchard MRT for her weekly invasion of the retail shops. She just had her online shopping delivered and still wanted to make more killings. Luckily this stopped with the purchase of a interior design magazine and her monthly dosage of the ViVi magazine.

As usual, she got hungry after all that walking. Despite his grumbling about having bought groceries and not cooking them, they went for dim sum that she craved. Inquired at Crystal Jade Takashimaya, but the waitress informed them that dim sum was not available. Browsed their way eastwards and finally made a pit stop at Plaza Singapura. Tried their luck at Crystal Jade again, but was realised that dim sum was served only in the afternoon.

In the end, they went next door, Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant.

Tea was served while waiting for the food. The service assistants were very attentive, kept topping up the tea as the water level dropped. $2.40++ for a pot of tea, free flow.

Ginger shreds that were not enough for his dim sum...

Drunken chicken was served refreshingly cold. This was not as tender as the Hainanese-styled steam chicken that they so dearly loved. Thick chunks of chicken at $6.80++, guess it soothes the ache of the price a little.

Generous chunks of beef brisket and tendon at $9.80++. Tendons and meat were well softened. The rich and decadent tendons really melt in the mouth, so good that the plate did not seem to provide enough.

Next came the Golden Fried Rice at $8.80++. Topped with floss, this had a sweet and slightly spicy taste. Not how he likes his fried rice. There were also crispy and sweet bits that he could make out, not too bad to chew on though.

Finally, dim sum. Pork dumplings for $6++ a basket. The soup contained within was tasty, did not have any hint of gaminess, and the first one burst on the first bite. 爆浆小笼包!

Guess what? The girls at the next table had the crab roe version of dumplings, and this made her want to pig out. So here you go, Crab Roe Dumplings for $11.80++. Each of the dumplings had crab roe mixed into the mince pork filling. He didn't feel that this was worth it, as the price was double that of the vanilla pork dumplings.

Last but not least, 10% discount on A la carte items with DBS/POSB credit cards.

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