Monday, October 5, 2009

marvellous cream, beef rice and mooncakes

on this saturday, badminton was again called off, and the trip to bukit timah hill didn't materialise. left with not much choices, they headed down to town.

alighted at city hall, and headed to suntec city. whilst walking through citylink mall, her suddenly sharp eyes noticed that marvellous cream was selling their original series ice-cream for $4.90, even on weekends. too tired of explaining priorities to her, they just went in to get 1 chocolate sienne.

saw the ice-cream lady weigh the scoop of ice-cream, and then proceed to bash the ice-cream on the thermoplate. she chopped some chocolate into bits, wedged them into the ice-cream, drizzled chocolate syrup and started her left-right-centre martial arts on the ice-cream.

the result, marvellous cream's chocolate sienne, junior size. well, the cream (said to be milk from hokkaido?) tasted really good, and the chocolate was very rich. he enjoyed it, but would not like to have it everytime he walks past the shop.

after shopping, they found themselves with stuff from carrefour. chocolate noir and muesli cereals, and sesame burger buns for the next day onwards. cost him around $14 in all. they headed back to ang mo kio s-11 for the korean-style beef rice.

cost $4 a bowl, comes with soup and pickled cabbage. a welcoming color combination, and the thinly sliced beef was just delicious.

pickled cabbage and fried fry

after dinner, they headed to amk hub for her cause. to get some mooncakes. had a hard time finding yam ones in town, and the one at the fair in ngee ann city still cost $36 for a box for 9 minis. too tired to scour anymore lanes, they bought 4 pieces from a temporary stall's fat auntie. durian, sesame, pandan and yam. $20 for all.

durian mooncake with 2 egg yolks. all of them look similar, except for the color and wording, which state single or double yolk.

that wasn't all the damage. they went to ntuc and got iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, prune juice, black pepper ham and cheese. cost $20+. stay tuned for the next post...

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