Saturday, October 10, 2009

friday dinner at ajitei

he met up with her at orchard to check out the "4 day 16th anniversary special" for simmons mattress at takashimaya. apparently, the $800 for simmons backcare ultimate 300 reflected "savings", instead of the special price. what a misleading advertisement splashed in straits times.

anyway, they went down to ajitei at basement level 2 for dinner. again, it was the recommendation of ws.

got seated, and after some deliberation, ordered curry rice, unagi small don, tontoro, tofu mentai. she had chargeable green tea ($1) while he settled for iced water.

the food came in small portions, but they were generally satisfied.

his curry rice - melted cheese on top of rice and some diced chicken. chicken was well marinated, and the cheese was thick. cheese with curry, an enjoyable combination. $4.80

unagi small don - served with cold sushi rice. not named small for nothing. unagi's skin was crispy and the meat fell apart nicely in the mouth. $5.80

tontoro - the slices turned out thinner and smaller that they thought. however, this didn't make them feel sick after eating, unlike the one from a take-and-go yakitori shop. however, maybe he should have bought some shabu shabu from ntuc and made his own. much cheaper. $7.80

tofu mentai - ws kept talking about it, so much so that he could hear it ringing at the back of his head. not the first time that they liked ws' recommendation. melted cheese ontop of fish roe and tofu. she, the difficult one, commented that it tasted good. it must be really good then, for someone who hates tofu to enjoy this dish. $4.80

at least, this meal washed down the disappointment that came with the misleadingly advertised simmons mattress.

he nearly forgot, the total damage : $28.48 after all other charges.

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