Monday, October 5, 2009

a tiring hamburger sunday morning

he woke up early in the morning for the start of phase 2 training. had half a glass of milk before setting off.

*fast forward to returning home*

he opened the door to see everyone else sleeping. no food, except for 8 eggs in a container filled with warm water.

a hungry man's gotta do what a hungry man's gotta do. whipped out the frying pan, put on the heat, dash of oil, and started frying the ham. now... he was hungry after all that running and the only ready food was egg. so, he cracked one and found that they were half boiled eggs. lovely.

revelation: in between waiting for the ham to cook, he unknowingly consumed 5 eggs. yes, bash him.

feeling a little more energetic, he could now peel the lettuce and chop the tomatoes.

crunchy lettuce having morning swim

sliced local tomatoes - the color wasn't too red, but being 1/4 the price of the malaysian crunchies, it was selected.

by this time, all the ham slices were done.

prepared the plates and buns. at this point of time, everyone else was still sleeping, oblivious to the aroma. or maybe there wasn't.

the final product - squeezed in 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of cheese, 1 folded lettuce and 2 slices of tomatoes. he couldn't help but have 2 of them.

and finally, after summoning them so many a time, they got up one by one. she tried to make it up by pouring him some chocolate noir cereal in chocolate milk. by the way, this one has a rich chocolatey core, he likes this better than his favourite kokokrunch now.

went another step to make a heart-shaped egg to shoved into his burger. however, he was conscious that he already had 5. too bad for him, no fried egg.

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