Friday, October 23, 2009

grill and pasta, revisted, yet again

on a saturday, she suddenly had a craving for pasta. "head to sembawang hill food centre", she said.

order some variations that they hadn't tried before. seafood marinara and alfredo linguine. to cool off on that hot day, they ordered banana and papaya milkshakes. $2 each.

from the following pictures, you'll probably see that he wasn't feeling too good that day. ask why?

hers - alfredo linguine $5.50? the same yummy cream base. the similar slurp-up of her leftovers by him.

his - seafood marinara $6.50? zesty tomato sauce (different from the normal ones), nice variety of seafood. had squid, prawns, mussels, clams. however, the stall seemed to be using a different variety of clams that day, small and no protruding siphons.

the milkshakes, $2 each. should have ordered sugar cane + lemon, cheaper and more thirst quenching, as least for him.

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