Monday, November 23, 2009

a month in lawton, oklahoma, united states

here comes a compilation of 1 month's worth of food. messy! are you ready for it?

dating a month back, he crossed the pacific towards his destination in around 36 hours. boarded 4 flights. Singapore to Tokyo for a stopover, Tokyo to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Dallas, and finally, Dallas to Oklahoma City. not forgetting the near 2 hours truck-ride to his hotel in Lawton. imagine how tiring that was, and you'll probably forgive him for having only 1 decent picture of his inflight meal.

poached egg with cheese, hashbrowns, sausage and a cherry tomato. very yummy.
there were japanese selection available too, and he enjoyed soba the most. unfortunately, there are no pictures of the above said.

one fine day when they could eat out for lunch, they went for Burger King. their burgers are still very much large, and drinks in the US restaurants and eateries seem to be free flow. at least for where he was.
USD4.99 for this tax-free BK Big Fish meal. yummy.

on another not so fine night where they had to return to discuss some issues into the night, they decided to pamper themselves with a good meal of lobsters. the name says it all, Red Lobster.

as always, he goes for the ultimate value + yummy meal. ultimate feast, USD 22.99 (exclusive of taxes and tips)

garden salad for him, with yummy croutons. j was saying this was a separate charge of the meal, that nearly made the salad unpalatable.

j's order of steamed 1 1/4 pound lobster. lobster's really red huh. cost around USD 24.

here comes his ultimate feast, snow crab legs, scampi shrimp, some kind of breaded shrimp, lobster tail and mashed potato. crab legs and the lobster tail tasted a bit tough. enjoyed the texture of the mashed potato, where you could still bite chunks of potatoes in the mash, and also liked the garlic aroma of the scampi shrimp. jy, however, found it too salty and left it very much untouched afterwards.

close up of the scampi shrimp. butter, garlic, herb. mmm...

Pusan Korean buffet
they would drive by this road on their way to work, and opted for lunch on a day they were tight on time, since it was the nearest.
USD6.95 for lunch (excluding taxes and tips)

rice, comfort food for some of his colleagues. variety was quite limited, but it was a good meal, considering that it was buffet for a lesser price than some other fast food restaurants. the kimchi and the bulgogi were especially good.

Wok N Roll chinese express
one of the haunts for bargain eats. look at the mountain of fried rice, cost around USD 6 and can feed 2-3 mouths. the one on the right is the Wok-N-Roll Special Combo, cost around USD 6 too, and consists of shrimps, beef, chicken, pork, and they always ask for it to be whipped up extra spicy. there was one fella who ate it and starting sweating all over his face in 13 degrees celsius.

Hong Kong Buffet
all time favourite. lunch for USD6.99 and dinner for less than USD 10 (weekday prices).
wide spread of food, sushi, western, mongolian, chinese, salads, good quality creamy ice-cream, etc. they seem to have braised mussels for lunch, and for dinner, wow, snow crab legs, cheese baked mussels and oysters. super duper yummy.

first meal at HK Buffet was lunch. took some spring rolls, fried dumplings, cheese baked potato and some spicy baby crawfish.

gh's mountain of prawns. he never fails to take this mountain whenever they are there.

second helping, braised pork, mussels, sushi, fried chicken wing, boiled egg half and cheese baked potato again.

not forgetting the mongolian barbeque! grab your spread of meat, pork, chicken, beef, throw in some peppers, top with large amounts of garlic in oil and some chilli paste. then wait and watch the chef bbq you a yummy plate of food!

dinner time, cheese baked mussels, snow crab legs and honey pork ribs. super yummy. gh probably had 1 dozen of the mussels.

close up of the yummy mussels. fresh and succulent.

Golden Corral - serves western style buffet. cost around USD13 for dinner with free flow lemon soda.

mushrooms, thinking of them makes him drool while typing. they serve large chunks of pork ribs, what is shown is about a quarter, special request.

next up, Furr's Fresh Buffet. has the largest spread of salad of all other eateries they've been to. cost around USD7 for lunch

mix of salad

grilled fish on the left, you can see the grill lines. slightly bitter and smokey taste.
pork carving in the middle, laden with a good layer of fats. when he went for returns, all that were left was the lean portion.
some kind of taco-like wrap on the right.

canned dinners - on days when they work really late and no more restaurants are open. left, USD1, right, USD0.80. very salty, but saves money and keeps you filled.

Taco Bell - first time he has ever eaten this, even though he has it back home. got a USD6 taco black box, 2 crunchy tacos and 1 soft taco.

a close up of one of the crunchy taco

breakfast of bagel, egg slices and meat patties.

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