Sunday, September 25, 2011

24 Sep 2011 - Canele and Best Fries Forever

Supposed to go shopping for his new wallet, since she was not agreeable with those he had found online.

Started the outing with a trip to Canele, she had been nagging that she hadn't tried the macarons yet. It was their first time there, by the way.

Got seated pretty quickly. Didn't expect the menu to be thick, it had more to offer than just sweets.

Monogram on the menu.

He had thought they were there for sweets, but she ended up getting tempted by other pictures in the menu. Here goes.

Carbonara for her, $17++. Topped with poached egg as seen in the picture.

His pick of Crab Duo - $18++. Went aglio olio over tomato (marinara?) sauce, chilli crab was probably on his mind. Lots of delicious crab meat, with a bit of "skeletal" remains. Not too sure if it was the doing of the crab, but the aglio olio was too soupy to his liking.

Then came the "mains"...$2.34++ each. Just the second time he's had macaron, he enjoyed how the light airy shells melted into a sweet sensation in the mouth. Had wanted to buy the promotional box of 16 earlier, but that had already been sold out.

Paid the bill of $59.87 and headed off. Took this picture from the outside of Canele, and this aisle would bring them to more food. At this point of time, she also saw 2 girls holding a large cup of something...

Walked on and tried the Chocolate Oreo Crunch at Chewy Junior, and he was ready to purchase some... but she vetoed.

A little bit further down and she finally spotted what the 2 girls were holding, fries from Best Fries Forever. Looked good and also had some customers queuing, so they got themselves a large cup of the Wild Wild West variant ($5). That's topped with chilli beef sauce (probably just flavouring, no meat had) and cheese. Not too bad, but he'll probably go for some other fast food next time.

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