Sunday, September 18, 2011

17 September 2011 - Kiseki, again...

Miss Glutton wanted to have sashimi after browsing the fancy stores for a couple of hours. The most convenient place that came to mind was Kiseki. This is getting boring already...

Saw this guy on their way to the food hunt.

Trying out a new way of presenting the images, especially when many of them are out of focus. Something's wrong with him nowadays. Maybe it's the stress.

Assorted sashimi and the crabs

Yakimono, agemono and other cooked stuff. Don't remember having oysters of any sort in Kiseki before...

Mash of dessert, also the first time he's had so much dessert at one go.

Featuring her pictures too...

Assorted sashimi...

"Whole" crab, after seeing it in halves so many times.

"Whole" crayfish, didn't enjoy this as much as the prawns. Meat tasted plain.

Sauteed scallops

The item in between lady's finger and cocktail sausages was tasty and fragrant. Reminded him of sate lilit in Bali, fish paste slapped onto a stick of lemon grass and grilled.

A more "wholesome" yakimono picture of quail egg sticks

Desserts attack

Marshmallows in pudding?

Another plateful of dessert she polished off.

3 scoops of ice cream, nice. So much for being weight-conscious.

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