Friday, September 16, 2011

Pictorial proof for Far East Travels

Gave Far East Travels a call around 5pm on 16 September 2011, Friday. Hyder answered, Joyce was not around, and Valerie was in a meeting. Hyder assured him that a note would be left for Valerie to inform her to call back. It's already 8.45pm as he's typing this, but he hasn't received any call yet. Alright, perhaps it's a Friday, shan't be too harsh on her.

Probed Hyder a little and he confirmed that Joyce was a director at Far East Travels (as found on the internet), while Valerie was an accounts executive.

To make things more efficient and investigation easier for Far East Travels, he would continue to provide all the proof he can get his hands on. Images are from several cameras for different perspectives, to lessen the bias of this post. More to come soon as required. What a cooperative victim, huh? He's getting a little tired from all these though.

The cameras that were separated from the rest are Canon IXUS60 and Nikon D7000. There are currently 2 others in here, a Canon EOS 600D and a Panasonic DMC-FX10 which made it across Batam on schedule.

To retrieve EXIF data for verification of the photograph's time-stamp:
1. Save the images from the blog post to file.
2. Right click on the image and select "Properties".
3. Click on the "Summary" tab.
4. Click on the "Advanced >>" button. Skip this step if you're already there.

See this updated post for the sequence of events

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