Monday, September 19, 2011

18 September 2011 - Old Malaya Cafe at 313@Somerset

After all his nagging on finances, she wanted to go somewhere fresh yet affordable for dinner. Combed the malls from Orchard MRT and settled for The Old Malaya Cafe at basement 3 of 313@Somerset.

The place boasts of various famous Malaysian dishes, and they ordered chicken rice, prawn noodles and sago gula melaka, all for $14.

Chicken rice dish with rice in the form of rolled balls. $5

Chicken to accompany the rice balls. You may opt for chicken thigh at no extra cost.

Tempted by the 5 large plump prawns on the menu, he ordered the large portion of prawn noodles for $6.50. It came with no prawns visible, for reasons you may find later on. Soup was tasty, but some of the accompanying pork slices were dry and hard. Leftovers for the day, since it was already late dinner?

And digging further, he found some pieces of mangled prawns. It felt that the prawns were hidden because they were not presentable.

Another mangled prawn... didn't feel too happy eating this bowl of noodles.

He got a slice of egg in this $6.50 dish.

Sago Gula Melaka for $2.50. Salty coconut milk on the left, and sweet syrup for contrast on the right.

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  1. nice. Finally see cheaper meals from you! Haha!