Sunday, July 11, 2010

26 June 2010 - fish and co and lai lai family restaurant

even though they just had lunch at home, the missus still wanted to eat. walked around and eventually settled for fish and co, intending to try out the world cup sets.

seafood platter for him, the grilled fish was just a very small fillet, not the usual fish and co size.

the prawns on half cooked rice. felt that the rice was very disappointing, cold and some of them were still hard. but the missus didn't like to him complain, so he just shut up and swallowed his rice.

2 mussels

fried calamari rings

the wife got salmon, which seem like the best deal. reasonably sized chunks.

and to top off the day, he brought her to try out taiwanese beef noodles at lai lai family restaurant. these meals kept her royal fatness happy for a while

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