Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 July 2010 - ajitei after henderson waves

finally got her royal fatness to go with him on a visit to henderson waves. the accumulated food weight brought them to a halt after each flight of stairs. it was really funny looking at each other's facial expressions.

after taking enough photographs, they walked from henderson all harbourfront mrt, a tiring feat. so she decided that she wanted to reward herself with blue mussels from mussel guys, to which he suggested the orchard central branch rather than the notorious one at vivo city.

bad luck though, found out that it had closed upon reaching there, so they went to ajitei instead.

unagi yanagawa set - she forced him to order this even though what he wanted was only salmon sashimi, since they already had food at home.

pickles - sesame bits are so yummy. not too sure what kind of pickle this is though.

the creamy and slightly tangy whipped potato

close up of the yanagawa

radish - maybe time to cook some radish pork bone soup at home

her pick of unatori - unagi and chicken

finally, the only dish that he had wanted to eat, salmon sashimi. now he truly believes that knifework really makes a difference, this tasted better than salmon belly at some other random sushi restaurant.

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