Sunday, June 23, 2013

22 Jun 2013 - Collection and recce

Went to his new flat today to see the progress of the tiling. Mom also wanted to tag along, so they went out together.

Pleasantly please at how it was going, but saw some things that got a little... concerned?

1. The sharp corner joints (forgot to take picture) where the tiles met were just laid in a 90 degree fashion. Shouldn't the sharp corner be smoothed with tiling? After googling, it seemed like the term should be a bull-nose joint.

2. The plaster on the skirting had cracks. The tiler assured him that it would be fine after painting over it.

Brought some drinks up to the place for the tilers, to show some appreciation for their hard work. Also collected his Fujioh 792SS hob and FX900 hood ($660, Everjoint), and his Mistral MSH-3 water heaters ($100 each,

Headed to Hoe Kee at Genting Road after that. Took the NEL to Boon Keng, and then 125 to Genting Lane before walking over to the showroom. Mom liked the woven matt finish of the sink, he liked the single bowl while she liked the double one. He did feel that 600mm length should be more than enough, but the models that he liked were all way above that. Decided to visit Universal Union another time before making a decision.

Exited the showroom and headed to Macpherson Road, taking 156 to Jalan Toa Payoh, and then hopping on 145 to Balestier Road. Lightings.

Decided to go back to Dream Lightings to look for Jason, because of a comfortable overall experience.
1. He was patient with his explanations
2. He was willing to do rewiring for bulb holders for the lightings (E27 for easier maintenance)

Jason gave him a discount without him even asking. After checking the prices against another fixed-price shop with price-guarantee, it appeared that Jason matched their prices. Spent some $526 there, bought some 8 lights. He needs another 2, for the dining and living areas. Was unable to decide if he should be getting the $1688 crystal light, really beautiful, but costs 180W to operate, cleaning would be a headache, and of course, the price was too much to stomach. Mom also liked it, and remarked that she would buy it for him. So touched! But he wants to do up everything on his own, and does not want the retirement mode Mom spend unnecessarily.

To the food...

In between the shopping, he had wanted to bring her to Founder Bak Kut Teh, but it was some 50 minutes to opening. So they walked some 2 bus stops to Boon Tong Kee instead. Got half a chicken, some claypot pork tendons, and spinach with 3 different types of eggs (salted duck, preserved duck, chicken).

From Boon Tong Kee, Mom spotted some herbal shop opposite, and wanted to eat guilinggao (herbal jelly). They would return there only after the shopping, and Mom had the Hong Kong style guilinggao ($7), while he had mango sago in milk ($3.50). After some walking, she also wanted to get bean curd, but he thought that it was a little too much for the belly. Took 145 back to Toa Payoh to change to bus 159 home.

It's been a very long time since he's gone out together with Mom. And they even held hands when crossing the road. Weird feeling, but... it was really nice.

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