Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seeing stars, hearing buzz

Just got discharged from Tan Tock Seng Hospital's A&E this morning. Why?

Yesterday night, after having a vegatarian ba zhang (dumpling), he started feeling prickly and hot around the neck and chest area. Later, the areas around the mouth and face started to swell and then his whole body started to turn pink and swollen. Hives also started to erupt.

He would then start to feel a lot of pressure in the head, buzzing in his ears and started seeing stars. Immediately, he informed Dad (who was showering) to dial for the ambulance if he was found unresponsive. Dad retorted that he was a weakling. What the.

However, after Dad came out of the shower, he was convinced after seeing his son all red and swollen. and immediately called 995. At the same time, he puked his entire dinner, and shed his pants without being conscious of it. After realizing it, he used every last ounce of strength to wash up. It was lucky that Dad was around to pass him clean clothes. The soiled ones were thrown away.

Came out of the squat toilet and saw exclusively stars. Luckily Dad was outside to help him lay down on the kitchen floor until the medics finally arrived.

Loaded up the ambulance, and they gave him an IV. Successfully inserted, but one of them hit the tube and dislodged the needle. Ouch. So they inserted into another location on the same hand, which was more painful that the other.

After reaching the hospital, he was given some jab medications which were extremely painful (due to pressure?) and made him drowsy. Soon, he gave up struggling and lost consciousness.

Later, he would wake up hearing the beds on his left talking about their dengue experiences, and another one on the right asking for anti-anxiety medication to be dispensed. Another guy opposite his bed was bruised all over his face, and did not know what happened to him. Nurses were pretty, but quite rough with patients. Dad kept vigil at the hospital throughout the night, all the way until he was discharged. What will he do without his family. Heard from him that Mom and Littlest Bro came to visit, but was rejected entry. If he were more conscious, he would has requested to go to a private hospital instead, where all could probably view him in a more comfortable setting.

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