Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 April 2011 - Old Hong Kong Taste

With the second last voucher on hand, they re-visited Old Hong Kong Taste at Serangoon Gardens.

Lean meat porridge, finely shredded.

Pineapple buns (bo luo bao) which contained no pineapples, barbecued pork filling instead.

Cross section of the pineapple bun

"Phoenix" claws again...

Flour wrap (chee cheong fun) with prawn fillings. He prefers the barbecued pork version.

Siew mai, had it so frequently it didn't taste fantastic anymore.

Beef noodles with noodles like "wonton" noodles. Generous serving of beef.

Beef brisket radish soup, simply love the clear soup.

Comparing braised tendon and tendon from the soup. The braised one tasted better while the one boiled in soup seemed more gelatinous.

The egg yolk lava buns making their appearance again...

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