Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May 2011 - Toasted Pizza

Had been eyeing the wraps for quite sometime before swooping in on them on Friday night. Also added crab sticks, bacon, cherry tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, portobello and white button mushrooms to the basket.

Considered between making bacon wrap or pizza, and went with the latter for something crispier, hopefully.

Since he was using a toaster oven, he had to cut the wrap in half so that things would fit. Here's what he did:
1. Set wrapping paper as base in the oven tray.
2. Brush the side of the wrap facing up with some olive oil.
3. Wash and slice the mushrooms, tomatoes and pepper, brush with a mixture of olive oil, ground black pepper and salt.
4. Place the tomatoes and pepper as the first layer on the wrap.
5. Cut the bacon and crab sticks into small pieces and layer them on. He left the bacon on the topmost layer.
6. 1st toasting of 3-4 mins.
7. Check amount of browning before 2nd toasting of 3-4 mins, adjust as required.
8. Top with the mushrooms and sprinkle cheese (he shredded processed cheese slices).
9. Final toasting of another 3-4 mins until cheese has melted, or browned if you'd like.

This was the first half of the wrap where he toasted everything for the same amount of time. The cheese got a little too burnt as you can see in the background. Got the thin, crispy "crust" effect.

The second half, done as per the steps listed above. Mushrooms were less mushy and cheese did not get burnt. The "crust" was equally crispy though.

He used only 1 slice of cheese for each half, perhaps he would try something with more cheese tomorrow. Or maybe he should make bacon wrap tomorrow.

Just to add, it was really interesting to watch the bacon sizzle and crackle through the glass. He had some leftover fillings, and so he wrapped a slice of bacon around 2 crab sticks as filling for a slice of bread. So sinfully delicious without the vegetables.

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