Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 May 2011 - Old Hong Kong Kitchen for dinner

Finally settled the exam and could clear the desktop, both physical and virtual. Accompanied her to the private L'Oreal sale where she netted many prizes. *groan*

After spending some hours there, as always, she found out that her stomach was needy. She decided to expend the final Old Hong Kong voucher despite his pleas to use it on another occasion. Booked Old Hong Kong Kitchen since it was nearest to town.

Ordered Soya Chicken - $12. Smooth and succulent, with the accompaniment standing out. A mix of oil, spring onions, unsure of the other ingredients, garlic and ginger perhaps. Didn't smell pungent nor did it leave nasty breath. Probably should google it up one of these days.

Diced beef $18 (?), too salty on its own, Ordered a bowl of rice to go with.

Rack of lamb, 2 puny portions for $20. Tender stuff.

Seafood soup in melon $25. Luckily the soup was as good as it was interesting.

Soup served.

Topped things off with a warm dessert of yam mash with almond cream. $7.50 (?). Go on diet? Lose weight? Lies....

The flowery tea that they had.

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