Tuesday, May 17, 2011

15 May 2011 - FIsh and Co with the family

Brought Dad, Mom, youngest brother and Aunt out for lunch. 2nd bro arrived late and didn't want to order any.

Wary of the portions, he decided on ordering platters to share.

Seafood feast - $59.95. The tiger prawns from the Seafood platter (39.95) tasted much better than the huge king prawns here. The 6 of them could not finish the rice and chips.

Blue mussels in some lemon butter sauce $19.95. Too much sauce that could not be used up with one basket of bread. The serving size and mussel size lost out to The Mussel Guys.

The bread.

Mom got a huge mug of pineapple ice blended which she couldn't finish, and littlest bro got cola tonic which he immediately regretted after a sip.

$155.20 in all, and got some not-very-useful Citibank vouchers for weekday returns.

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