Sunday, January 23, 2011

22 Jan 2011 - Dinner at The Mushroom Pot

She knows the best time to eat out... just after payday. Bugging him to go shopping and eat buffet when he was trying to make notes for his PMP exam. Working overtime makes absorption on weekdays very difficult, and weekends are for the family, what a tough juggle. Never mind, let's move on to the food...

Took a photograph of the logo on the menu while waiting for the hotpot to be set up.

The chilli dip for the hot pot.

There was a starter portion on the menu where diners could only select 5 dishes. And after debating over what to order, here are the candidates:

Mushroom salad was a tasty mix of mushrooms. Nicely done, not mushy, had him finishing up every bit of it.

Crispy squid with wasabi cream dip - nice and crispy, but probably not for the health conscious. He dredged up the wasabi heavily for full impact. Yummy!

Fried prawn fritters came in fours. Pipping hot, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Sichuan shredded chicken made up of chicken breast meat which tasted a little dry. Still tasty anyhow, but the tongue had some numb treatment a little while later...

He has to apologise once more for forgetting to take the picture of the fifth side dish of house special beef. Hunger pangs got the better of him yet again.

Here comes the main character... mushroom soup and spicy soup side by side. Both soups were very tasty, but the spicy one had a thick layer of oil. This was something he regretted when it made his stomach complain a few hours later.

As he was the prawn peeler, he was not able to take pictures of the variety of their selection. But if you happen to visit, the sliced beef brisket and pig's liver are commendable. Both were very thinly sliced, and the pig's liver tasted especially good that way. He had tried it and knows how difficult it is to slice pig's liver, especially such thin slices.

They had also ordered prawns, but the size and freshness seemed inconsistent. Some of the prawns had shells that seemed to have grown into the flesh while the others were fine. Mussels were quite fresh too, half-shelled and no bad smell for those that they ordered. Picked the meat from the shells to cook in the soup to avoid any sand getting into the tasty soup.

For dessert, they ordered the Fried Buns. Golden brown and warm, so satisfying when dipped in the accompanying sweet syrup. She said it was condensed milk, but he was convinced that it was some sort of corn syrup. Too busy placing orders they forgot to clarify with the waiters. Next time, perhaps.

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