Saturday, January 15, 2011

13 Jan 2011 - Cruising on SuperStar Virgo (Part 2)

Had a good warm shower and headed to Bella Vista for breakfast to avoid the crowd. Looked through both the Chinese and Western sets and opted for the Chinese for better variety.

A bowl of porridge each - didn't taste like it was cooked with soup base.

Some fried rolls and buns with a spicy dip.

Pork dumplings (siew mai) that looked peculiar, each had a pea pressed into it in the middle.

Some other dim sum that came with black fungus as base.

As they couldn't have more food from the menu, they had to settle for the buffet stations of bread and pastry.

Pastry with icing for sweet toothed ones.

Visited the viewing gallery on Deck 13 and also relaxed on the sun chairs for a bit. The sun got a little too hot, so they went to the promenade on Deck 7 for a stroll and enjoyed the breeze. Time cruised by and it was time for... lunch!

The Pavilion Chinese restaurant was only a short walking distance away from Deck 7.

Fried was well received by the hungry people. The waiter still asked if they wanted steamed rice but he wasn't sure if they could finish the spread.

Downed every bit of the leafy vegetables in a bid to stay in good condition for the rest of the cruise. Tastily done, but on the oily side.

Cold dish of prawn salad with fruit cocktail.

She dislikes breaded chicken, so he had to complete the challenge by finishing all 4 pieces.

Steamed fish head in soy sauce was found to have a slight "mud" smell, but sprinkling the soy sauce solved the issue.

Watercress soup seemed to have a complex flavour that gave it the extra taste factor, unlike the clearer one that he always drinks. It was so good that they requested for another bowl.

Her setting for the flower and tea, has a good feel to it huh?

Back to the room briefly for a rest before checking out what was available for afternoon tea.

By then, the cruise liner had already reached Port Klang and seemed to have picked up new guests.

Grabbing afternoon tea was a struggle. Only few stations were open, and everyone swarmed around it. He was queuing for coffee but ended up getting his queue cut and toes stepped on. One old Indian national lady and her son "played tag team", she stepped on his toes while the son cut the queue. The old lady took a while to realise that he was asking her to get her foot off his toes, and then stepped on his slippers next, leaving him without footwear. Totally fed up with such situations, he moved elsewhere to look for sugar. Spotted a cloth tray another corner of the restaurant, and lifted it slightly to check it out. Out of nowhere, a pair of hands snatched the cloth from him rudely and proceeded to help themselves to the find. Is queuing really so difficult? Or maybe it's really just that they have different cultures.

Spent time on Deck 13 again, relaxing on the sun chairs and watching people play with the slides. After that she suggested that they visit the spa, where they had sauna and steam bath for $12 each. The one for men was even better, they had the Japanese hot and cold plunges. It was interesting to note that you could see workmen cleaning the outside of the ship while the patrons were half naked, separated by just the glass window. Not too sure if you could see what's inside while you're outside though.

2 hours had passed by the time they left the spa, and they returned to the room for a proper shower. Felt more relaxed and sleepy than hungry, but they still had to eat.

Swiped their cards at The Pavilion again, and this time it was quite empty, perhaps due to the fact that some guests could have gone on the land tour to Kuala Lumpur.

Starter of seasoned jellyfish, refreshingly cold and spicy.

Braised pork ribs were so good that they had a second serving. The crew also mistakenly sent a third one to them, which they gladly helped polish off.

This was a little weird, prawns in prata curry sauce. Nevertheless, it still went into their stomachs.

This time round, they got the tail end of the fish. Fried fish is her favourite, as she finds that it almost eliminates the "mud" taste that some fish has.

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