Sunday, January 9, 2011

07 Jan 2011 - Lai Lai Family Kitchen

A colleague passed him a $5 voucher for Lai Lai Family Kitchen, a place where both of them had wanted to return for a while. This was where they headed after work, arriving slightly after 8pm, hungry and tired.

Placed orders for 2 sets of beef and tendon noodles in no time, with side dishes of braised pork intestine, crispy chicken, red milk tea and mango juice.

The amount looked disappointing, probably because it was from the set menu. Maybe they should have ordered a large bowl of it a la carte. The meat and tendon were still large and chunky, generous enough. And this time round, the soup didn't taste as salty as before, evident as he emptied his bowl.

The crispy chicken lived up to its name, dusted with pepper, lightly salted and still pipping hot. This was also served with some fried fragrant curry leaves. Halfway through the dish, he picked up a piece of chicken and uncovered a dead insect drowned in oil. He made it known to a waitress, who apologised for it and immediately requested for a replacement for them. Good service is much appreciated when online postings complaining of slipshod service attitude are widespread. Big plus point for the restaurant.

The other side dish of pork intestine. They felt that it was a tasty and generous serving, but he also thought that it still smelt a little too strong for his liking. On a side note, this was very soft, as opposed to the springy ones he had tried in Taiwan.

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