Sunday, February 27, 2011

26 Feb 2011 - Birthday on a weekend

His birthday fell on a weekend in 2011. On Friday, he left the office at around 11pm, and reached home to find her waiting for him with a cake. "I've got my favourite cake to celebrate your birthday!", she beamed. How sweet huh. It was this child-like attitude that actually made him smile, still smiling while typing this.

Cake from Polar, with thick layers of chocolate mousse, and really rich chocolate on the top. This year's a more photogenic cake, but not as heart-warming as the one she made for him last year.

She also made some dishes for dinner, something they haven't done in a long while.

Blanched lettuce, topped with vinegar based sauce. Garlic stir-fried until fragrant before adding vinegar, oyster and soy sauce to heat. The piquant flavour opened wide the doors to his stomach.

Steamed minced pork with century egg - this was mixed with soy sauce, egg white and century egg. He would have preferred it with more egg to minced meat, but that would have become steamed egg pudding, eh?

Lean pork porridge sprinkled very generously with freshly ground black pepper. He hasn't gotten sick of the grinder, always enjoys doing the twisting work.

Finally, kombu soup with pork ribs, wolfberries and dates. Unfortunately, chicken stock cubes had been used, that's why they had oily soup this time round.

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