Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another mashup of updates

 It's been yet another long while. Busy adjusting to the new lifestyle, doing everything oneself. Cooking, cleaning, and time would just fly before you knew it. Kudos to all who take care of their families, tough job, and sometimes thankless.

Anyway, a barrage of pictures coming up....

Documenting the growth of his beloved chillies.
From seed to keep, his chilli plants.

Flowering, finally. But buds would either wilt or fall off. Foliage growth raging like never before though.

Always wondered how people kept their soup clear. Then found one method from one of Google's searches. Boil the pork ribs in a separate pot for a couple of minutes, you'll see stuff float to the surface, probably blood curds and other stuff. He added salt, spring onions and ginger in the cleansing water too.

Look at the product, even after simmering for quite a bit, the soup is still clear.

ABC soup

Also learned to butterfly and de-vein shrimp nicely. Remove the shell, leaving the last second intact. Spread the shrimp and slice down the middle, rinse out the gunk under running water.

Argentina red shrimp (langostinos) with Beijing cabbage, and fried Hiroshima oysters.

Argentina red shrimp with Chinese fried chilli mix.

Meal of convenience. $5.80 for one whole roast chicken from the supermarket, and this settles 2 meals. Extremely yummy, but probably extremely unhealthy too. But he still loves it.

Chef's Roast from FairPrice.

Fried rice and king crab legs. Yummy. Was going for promo at $40/kg on Rakuten.

Eggy day. Egg tofu, fried egg, century egg.

Chinese herbal prawn, with danggui and dangshen.

Also hosted his friends and colleagues and couple of times.

Poly-mates get-together.

Similar but better presentation for colleagues

Starter of blanched Hiroshima oysters for colleagues
Extra large Argentina shrimp. This was good, but future purchases never delivered such sizes. $45 for 2kg.

First attempt in making fried pork lard. Yummy bits.

Roast chicken and mashup panfry using the oil from the chicken.

Hiroshima oyster mee-sua. Huge and succulent.

Hiroshima oyster sashimi. $39/kg.

Porridge with century and salted eggs to recuperate from flu.

More porridge, slightly different configuration, with egg tofu and Chinese wine sausage.

Seafood pan-fry. White fish is cheap and succulent.

Spinach stir-fried with salted duck egg.

Simple breakfast to minimize washing.

Realised that he had been doing a lot of meat, but can't really do vegetables. So he adapted the chye sim recipe from Rasa Malaysia, with the sauce based on oyster sauce, soy sauce, hua diao wine, sesame oil and corn starch.

Also, he incorporated the garlic and dried shrimp paste that his mom always used to make her prawns and vegetable extremely yummy.

Fried tau kua and oyster sauce chye sim.

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