Sunday, April 29, 2012

24 April 2012 - Crystal Jade Kitchen, Clementi Mall

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Went over to Clementi Library after work, where the online catalogue showed his missing books were. He's glad that the newer libraries are located in the equally new malls, as these malls were just beside the MRT stations.

Found his books quickly, and met the missus for dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen. They had a promotional menu of twin dishes, with the option of topping up $1++ for a separate selection of side dish. Would spend about ~$42 in total.

Braised duck with softened yam treasure in the pot. Not too bad, but the meat was a little too tough, and the chef happened to give him quite a bit of bony portions.

The steamed fish drizzled with soya sauce. Flesh had a very strong mud smell, had to drizzle the soy sauce repeated to mask the not-so-pleasant smell.

The $1++ addition, fried salted egg prawns. Had expected nicely butterflied prawns, but perhaps one couldn't ask for much at the promo price. The salted egg and prawn combination was good though, and the restaurant also fried in a few chunks of pumpkin (or to replace the prawns?).

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