Sunday, April 29, 2012

14 April 2012 - Lerk Thai

Someone had a bad craving for fish, and so he decided to try out Lerk Thai. They had been talking about
it for a while, but hadn't got down to giving it a try. This day it shall be. Cost about $80 after discount... (looks at the hole in his pocket)

Served crackers with chilli dip, reminiscent of tortilla chips in Mexican cuisine? This was super spicy though, and he had to ask for water. Lerk Thai did not serve complimentary iced water, patrons will have to buy bottled mineral water. Glad to find that it cost a reasonable $1++ for a small bottle.

Battered mix of seafood, fish, prawns and calamari. Batter was a little gooey, like what the flour used for oyster omelette and chicken cutlet in Taiwan. 

Papaya salad - he had thought this "som tham", but it wasn't spicy the least bit.

Pineapple rice, her order. Had some meat floss, cashew nuts and prawns in the rice. He didn't like it much though, not really a rice person.

The fish, set to a slow boiled, and the chilli base flavouring the flesh slowly but surely. Almost had to ask for more water, much too fiery.

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