Sunday, April 29, 2012

06 April 2012 - Manna Story @ JCUBE

Got harrassed to visit the new mall at Jurong East, JCUBE. Thronged with traffic and people outside the mall, not a comfortable sign.

Many stores were still unopened, but the ice skating rink (the main attraction) and eateries were already starting to rake in handsome revenue. The shops at the upper levels were centered around the skating rink, and there were loads of people pressing against the glass panels to catch a glimpse of the skating action. This only served to narrow the already width stingy walkways.

Finally found a restaurant with no queue. Manna Story, a Korean restaurant, and the staff seemed to be ethnic Koreans.

Got the Mantory set, cost $46.84. The chop sticks were a little weird, with a 90 degree bend in the middle, almost had to relearn how to use chop sticks.

Served snacks, they liked the kimchi and the similarly marinated garlic stems. Free to refill on your own, but there were not much left for refills at that time.
Beef stew, sweet and savoury, felt like they couldn't get enough of it.
Diced chicken, like a regular dish.

Sour and slightly spicy soup.

Fried fish which was very oily inside, the juiciness making it yummy, somehow.

Oily fried mung bean.

Can't remember what this was, some kind of sausage?

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