Tuesday, August 9, 2011

09 August 2011 - Dian Xiao Er

Slept in until around 1pm, had some porridge at home before heading out. She's not one who can stay at home. In contrast, he's probably someone who can be bred in captivity.

Had always wanted to try Dian Xiao Er, but it always had long queues. This time, they went around 4pm and it was relatively empty.

Menu in the form of some Chinese martial arts manual...

Had the "Family" set for 2, $38++. That consisted of rice, winter melon soup, roast duck with angelica sauce, DongPo pork and stir-fried kailan.

The duck leg was probably rid of fats from the roasting, and the savoury herbal sauce went well with the meat. This was the first time he's eating duck this way.

They opted for DongPo pork over Mongolian pork ribs. Check out the fats... this actually helped soothe this throat somehow.

All in...

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