Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Feb 2013 - Flower crab with roe

First time ever had he picked a crab with roe. It proved quite tasty.

He had gone to the supermarket after physical training on a Sunday morning. That place was very crowded as people were preparing for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities. Even the aisles were so packed that traffic could only flow one way. He could not find the flower crabs at the usual corner, only to realize that they were moved to another corner in favor of big king prawns.

The catch were small, and many of them had broken legs or loose parts. Perhaps he arrived too late, and the good ones had been picked up by the early birds. Got 5 crabs, some male, some female and then it was time to prepare for the feast.

Scrubbed and washed them well, and the Dad suggested that he should remove the tail flap. He removed them to keep the Dad from bugging. That would prove quite a wrong move, as orangey/yellow stuff oozed out. Roe! He had never encountered roe in the carapace before, but everyone got a taste of it this very day. The dragon brother got a crab with nicely packed dark orangey roe, in contrast to the yellowish mess he had below. But it was nice anyway.

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