Friday, January 4, 2013

03 Jan 2013 - Chilean King Crab

Was planning to go to a seafood distributor to buy their Chilean King Crab, advertised as a special discounted price of $36 per box. Each box contained about 800g of a whole monster.

Luckily, the brother spotted it at Fairprice Xpress, so he went to check it out. Voila, just $29.90! He could use his cards for cash-back and rebates too.

The still frozen King Crab.

Unfortunately, the meat tasted tough and wasn't as sweet as anticipated. He had bought two, and both tasted the same after steaming for about 12 minutes. The Alaskan King crab sold at Fairprice Finest was much better $7.90/100g, working out to about $63.20? You get what you pay for.... huh.

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