Sunday, September 19, 2010

12 Sep 2010 - homecooked and tampopo ramen

stir fried shanghai greens - he added just one table spoon of oyster sauce, so it tasted a little bland.. oops

braised chicken wing midjoints - she got the balance right, and these were well marinated, except for the fact that too much honey was added that a lot of it was leftover in the wok

later, they went for dinner at takashimaya's tampopo.

ordered sake sashimi for starter's while waiting for the kuro buta ramen. color looked a little more pinkish that orange, but it was smooth and succulent.

finally, the kuro buta ramen. see the orange lump near the top right? regretted mixing that roe into the soup, should have just nibbled at it. quite a fair bit was still stuck at the bottom of the bowl even after finishing the soup...

lava egg! seen this many times but first time eating it, probably why it got badly bitten. hahahha

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