Thursday, May 6, 2010

F.I.S.H. 1-for-1 offer with cut-out

the littlest bro showed them a page in the straitstimes that screamed 1-for-1 dining with the cut-out. brought him along to the outing this time round.

his order of white fish - smelt a little weird to him, but littlest bro said he didn't smell anything out of the ordinary.

teriyaki ribeye - wife's favourite has got to be the ribeye. guess she was disappointed it came in slices and not a slab. that's for not reading the menu properly!

his herb sirloin (medium well) - the herb seasoning tasted special, but he didn't really like it. the steak wasn't that juicy either, even though the insides were still pink. still thinking about the steaks they had at pepper lunch the other day... mmm...

finally, for dessert. colossal carrot cake. just 1 slice for 3 of them, and littlest bro kept going for the icing. not as sinful as the one he had in the states, and more spongy texture was easily more acceptable.

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