Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday lunch 18 april 2010

made her angry, so he thought it would be good to cook something she liked. got 2 packets of golden mushrooms for only $1.05, what a steal. saw over at wokkingmum stirfried asaparagus with burst cherry tomatoes which looked really yummy, but asparagus wasn't available. so he just made do with whatever he had.

sliced yellow bell pepper, cherry tomato, sliced shiitake mushroom stems and golden mushrooms.

mud crab - had planned to do this since last week. went to the supermarket after driving, got the vietnamese variety instead, since they were smaller, more parts for more people to eat. got 2 at a cost of around $16.

set them in the freezer for an hour to immobilise them before proceeding to bathe them. super smelly things. brushed them real hard before boiling them for 10 minutes in a pot of salt water. cooled them down before breaking their legs and removing the shell, which seemed quite easy to separate. heated some shallots, garlic and salt in the pan before stirring in the crab parts. somehow, the flesh didn't taste good, he thought the flesh was supposed to be sweet, but it was quite bland...

(yes, the claw has been accidentally placed upside down by him, not a mutated crab!)

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