Wednesday, April 7, 2010

back from the jungle

been a long while since the last post. did you think this went dead? almost. some quick updates anyway.

Feb 26 - even though he had a company function to attend, she still made the effort to make a improvised-recipe cheese cake for his birthday. probably guilty for forgetting it the previous year! can't help but smile when he sees this picture.

mushroom beef wraps that she made, didn't enjoy this too much, prefer chunky portions to thin slices. still have no idea why the sides of the beef were in yellow...

astons prime sirloin - with very-good-to-eat potato salad and onion rings. asked for medium well, but it seemed to be medium rare instead. not too bad for the price

astons prime ribeye - allowed her the more expensive cut, but with greens for sides - coleslaw and garden salad. she seems to have slimmed down a little, so sad!

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