Sunday, May 26, 2013

Site Survey with Contractor and Defect spotting

Met up with M at 1030, and he would be the first contractor to be on-site for the survey. Took a look around and made some points, dissuaded him from getting false ceiling, suggested just the L-box instead. However, that would look funny if only the "living area" was covered, but dining area was exposed. M further suggested exploring wall lamps or spot lights. Still unsure of how he should accommodate a ceiling fan and lights without the L-box. Mom and Dad keep on bruising him by going on and on that his place was smaller than theirs by 40%. zzz.

Let's get to the pictures, starting off with the lift lobby.

His main gate.


 Misaligned lock sockets. Boo.

 View of the main door from the living room.

 Peek of the kitchen. 

 The living room, cramped.

 Aisle to the rooms


 Spotted a hole at the foot of the master bedroom's door frame.

Tarnished door bracket at master bedroom.

 Master bathroom, probably need a shower screen to prevent the whole area from getting wet, but probably too squeezy for that. To build a shower kerb and to use shower curtains instead?

 Hole in grouting of the mosaic tiles. Some tiles look tarnished too.


 Uneven tile at the bottom corner.

Some sludge/matter in the master bathroom sink. The other bathroom looked clear.

After that, went to U-Home to check out kitchen sinks and taps, and hobs and hoods. Met Winnie, a bubbly person who enthusiastically introduced things to him. Noted down HOBZ for hob/hood combo, a 600mm long, 240mm deep Monic sink, and 707 instant water heaters. Winnie shared that the 707 has better components, like copper tank instead of plastic/fibreglass tanks for the cheaper and slimmer models.

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