Saturday, November 10, 2012

23 September 2012 - Taipei Day 7

What should he do on the final day of the stay in Taipei? Enquired at front desk if he could have complimentary late check out, but the staff mentioned that they were fully booked, and he would have to pay by the hour if he wanted to check out late. Doesn't sound logical huh, fully booked yet you could extend your stay?

Anyway, he got up early to get breakfast, craving for oyster vermicelli again. And it just happened that he had NT65 worth of coins. Fated, huh.

Alighted at Longshan station and got a large dose of the yummy vermicelli. Look at those plump oysters... salivating while he's typing this....

It was a very warm day, and he was sweating after the hot broth. Decided to have mango ice again, but the shop was not open yet. Took a few photos of the Longshan vicinity before deciding to head back to take a second shower.

Did he EasyCard refund after returning to Taipei Main Station, and got back NT235 after an admin fee of NT20. On the way back to the hotel, got some sushi (NT39) and a bottle of CC Lemon (NT29) from 7-11 just in case he got hungry later. The cold shower was refreshing.

After check out, he went to the underground maze. Then he got to this pretty cool chic section, Eslite. The decor was clean and not intrusive, felt so much better than the rest of the maze.

Also visited Shinkong Mitsukoshi via one of the exits, probably paradise for shopaholics. Was it 10 stories? Couldn't remember. Wanted to get this pair of Clarks, but he was about to head to the US in about 3 weeks' time. He decided to wait, but unfortunately, he never found this model in that particular area of USA.

Got really sick of the crowds in the shopping belt and decided to head to the airport a little earlier. Picked up a Suntory lemon for NT22 from a 7-11 in the underground maze, and headed over to the bus terminus to buy a ticket (NT125) to Taoyuan Airport.

The place he was before 2 years back. Warm and humid weather made him buy another bottle of green tea at the airport for NT20. Didn't notice it was sugar free and he had a hard time drinking it.

Hungry again after check-in, and got this beef noodle set for NT200. Not too bad, the winter melon tea cold and refreshing, the side dishes were well marinated, loved the edamame. The beef brisket was tender, like how it should. no complaints.

Bought 2 cans of CC Lemon (NT20 each) with his last few coins on request of a friend (for his wife), and then it was tata, Taipei.

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