Friday, May 11, 2012

06 May 2012 - Spices Cafe, Concorde Hotel

Kept dreaming about crustaceans in his plate and wound up chewing on the bolster for a bit. And having had seafood on ice in recent, he thought that he should have fresher and more succulent ones. Hence the revisit of Harvest of the Sea at Spices Cafe, Concorde Hotel. This weekend dinner now costs $50++ per person, from $46++ just last year.

Fussy seater wanted the larger table for 4, instead of the designated one for 2. The staff kindly obliged after checking the reservation list.

Went for his first round of cold seafood. Oysters were small, but soft and fleshy nonetheless.

She came back with a whole lot more...

Got some boiled sea snails from the counter. The hard feet detached too easily, had to dig with a toothpick, and yet, only half the body would come out. The garlic chilli sauce made a nice dip though.

And then the lobster halves arrived, the choices same as before. Sambal for him, cheese for hers. Freshly cooked lobster beats lobster on ice hands down! Sweet, and with that little springy texture that shouts freshness.

Came here specifically for the cooked crabs, so someone had to get things started. Presenting the steamed crab. Same as before, steamed with egg white, ginger and Chinese wine. The table beside his also mentioned that the alcohol smell was overpowering. Otherwise, the crab had really juicy meat.

And chilli crab had more than a little spicy kick, the way he likes. If you have noticed, the hotel served only half a crab for each serving, different from the previous visit. Not too bad, one enjoys food in smaller portions.

Black pepper crab was really spicy and had him sweating. His favourite. One thing he didn't like was that orders got lost a few times, the dishes never got delivered. And one of the cleaning service personnel was having a long, loud banter with the waitresses, while their glasses remained empty. Not too professional.

Tried some of the cook food counters, braised sea cucumber, chicken, and some other stuff he doesn't remember.

The cherubic her on a slow. Vegetables and tempura.

Had a go at quite a bit of the dessert too. Liked the berry cheesecake, but the creme brulee had a watery layer instead of a crystallized one. Does anyone like it that way? Not them, though.

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