Tuesday, October 4, 2011

02 Oct 2011 - Xiao Bar Wang (Ion)

Apologies for the haphazard pictures. They were cramped at a small table and that made the food all the more inviting. (excuses... excuses...)

After all that trotting around town, all the while trying to determine whether to get Ipad2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1, it was decided that they have something light.

Stepped into Xiao Bar Wang at around 8pm, and noticed the shop had more manpower than usual. They'd usually see 2 people at the counter, but on this day, there were 4 or 5 of them. The exuberant pretty lady serving them was new, but looked awfully familiar. He wasn't really sure until another lady served up some items. This second lady, he immediately recognized as television artiste Apple Hong! It then dawned upon him that the friendly lady manning the counter was Ong Ai Leng. So pretty! Both of their faces looked smaller than on screen, especially Apple Hong's. Or maybe, it was just his glasses. Alright, enough of raving, time to get to the food. (wanted to ask them for pictures, but then a queue had already formed)

Got the Set 1, which comprised of Mee Sua (rice vermicelli), crispy chicken strips, tea flavored egg, and choice of drink. $7.30.

Mee sua with meat balls instead of oysters. Like the soup base and the thick texture of the broth. This time round, he also requested for chilli and just that bit introduced quite a kick. Small cup of milk tea in the background (right).

Tea egg and crispy chicken. The egg was well flavored, evident from the coloring of the whites. The bag used to hold the chicken was also wrapped like a cone, perhaps to make it easier to reach the food. (more pictures from another source, soon)

And yes, they had this earlier in the afternoon. BK Turkey Bacon meal and they redeemed a BK Fish with a coupon cutoff.

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